Kindness At Work Is Good

Kindness is a quality that is sometimes seen as a flaw. In the world of work, you don’t always have to be selfish, in competition, to want to be better than others. Know that being nice at work helps. What is kindness? What does it bring?

Kind Is Not A Derogatory Term: What Is Kindness?

Too often, kindness is considered pejorative: naivety, weakness, silliness, failure, stupidity, submission, lack of character, inability to be respected, lack of intelligence. These are the terms to which it can be assimilated. Because of this, some people do not dare to show kindness.

When in reality, kindness is a quality and not a flaw. Etymologically, it is synonymous with nobility . Sincere kindness is characterized by benevolence, generosity, kindness, altruism, honesty and spontaneity and requires self-confidence and empathy.

Of course, you still have to know how to be respected (and respect yourself) and be understood, so as not to find yourself in a state of submission. He doesn’t have to say yes to everything to be a nice person.

Kindness can be applied on a daily basis:

  • To help
  • to listen
  • To encourage
  • Congratulate
  • To smile
  • To reassure
  • To share
  • To be polite
  • Be grateful
  • Share your knowledge
  • Anticipate the needs of others
  • Be courteous

Benefits Of Kindness

Kindness: A Factor Of Efficiency

In 2012 the New York Times Magazine reported on Project Aristotle launched by Google whose goal was to find out what makes a work team effective. For more than a year, researchers, sociologists, organizational psychologists, statisticians and engineers at Google studied hundreds of teams . Several factors were analyzed without conclusive results. They finally found the answer by looking at group norms (culture and implicit rules of interaction): Teams are best when the people who make them up are kind to each other.

In fact, kindness promotes psychological security, which matters a lot to employees. More precisely, it corresponds to confidence in his team and his hierarchy, mutual respect, the possibility of expressing oneself without being judged or rejected, ease of expression, a reassuring working atmosphere. Benevolence allows employees to be more united and more efficient.

Positive Impact On Health

Kindness is also useful for health , as it leads to a reduction in psychological and physical illnesses such as burnout .

This is therefore beneficial for employees, but also for the company because kindness can lead to a drop in the rate of absenteeism , sick leaves and resignations linked to working conditions and relationships with others.